15% off upon purchase of cake at $208 or above by entering promo code 2021CAKE85; 5% off upon purchase of cake below $208 by entering promo code 2021CAKE95
15% off upon purchase of cake at $208 or above by entering promo code 2021CAKE85
Fresh is on! Maxim's Summer Cake Series

Fresh is on! Let’s beat the heat this Summer with Maxim’s Summer Cakes & Dessert Series! We’ve got your taste buds covered with a plenty of icy & refreshing sweet treats to cool you down.


“Korean Musk Melon Crispy Cake” with Korean Musk Melon in musky-scented sweet flesh and iconic chocolate crispy.


“Lychee Jello Mousse Cake” in perfect balance of lychee mousse, strawberry jam and a sweet satisfying crunch!


“Icy Cool Jello Mixed Fruit Cake” featured icy jello and 8 kinds of fresh mixed fruits from peach, mango, honeydew melon..etc!


For other refreshing alternatives, we also serve up “Korean Musk Melon Tart” and “Soymilk & Black Sesame Mousse Cut Cake” to savor your sweet tooth craving.

Maxim's Summer Cakes
Maxim’s Surprise Cake Series

Looking for a sweet surprise for your treasured ones? The new Maxim's Cakes Surprise Cake series would be the perfectly thoughtful choice!

「Surprise Your Beloved」comes with a giftbox, concealing inserts for 24pcs of photos that you can dedicate to your dear ones! Inside the giftbox is an exclusive room where you can place a small gift for a double surprise!

「Surprise in Treasure Island」lets you set off an adventure to an island by the shore, where you can find a treasure box with a series of surprises of your own choices like banknotes and coupons.

Come pick and customise your sweet awe at Maxim's Cakes now!

Maxim’s Surprise Cake Series
Maxim’s Mango Sticky Rice Cake Series

Let’s indulge in the latest innovative cake & dessert series crafted by Maxim’s Cakes to feed your travel cravings!

Inspired from 2 traditional Thai desserts - Mango Sticky Rice and Coconut Sago Pudding, “Maxim’s Mango Sticky Rice Cake” is made with coconut milk glutinous rice, seasonal Philippines mango, lava mango cream and silky pandan cream to create the perfect balance of taste and texture. What’s more? “Mango Pandan Cut Cake” and “Mango Purple Sticky Rice Pudding Tart” are not to be missed in this mango season! Come and take a Thai-break with us!

Maxim’s Mango Sticky Rice Cake Series